• Organizations today expect the CIOs to play a leading role in the delivery of key business objectives as they realize the advantages that a sound technology infrastructure can offer for corporate success. The CIOs, thus, face new challenges to identify new solutions and technologies that meet the demands for performance in the upcoming time.  

    Pakistan CIO Summit and Expo 2018 is designed specifically to assist forward-thinking CIOs as they meet demands of transformation and prepare for the impact their role will have on the overall success of the organization’s value chain. The summit will help CIOs to identify new approaches for balancing growth, cost and risk at the same time while they carefully determine which technologies are thriving in the impending upturn and which will provide their enterprises with substantial competitive edge.

    CIOs, CTOs and other top-technology executives will be present to explore the emerging disciplines critical to organizational performance. This exclusive gathering, held in a relaxed, yet focused business environment, will bring together the technology professionals to collaborate on key issues, formulate new ideas and share best practices. The sessions will include case studies, success stories, panel discussions, key note presentations and networking opportunities.

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